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The Busy Season

  Hello everyone and welcome to a busy few months of the year! For our team, this time of year brings the start of Campus Life at schools, Mobile Drop-in, 1-1 mentoring and support, one of our organization’s biggest fundraisers (YUnite Outside), Christmas hampers, letters, and everything in between. We have been so amazingly blessed to be able to step into the everyday lives of Langley youth this fall. Our partnership with Mountainview Alliance Church has brought our Mobile Drop-In to their parking lot during lunch breaks and after school. It has taken off like we did not expect and really solidified the need for more help. The support has been so felt by the school too that they are eager to see us enter into their space again. Our YUnite Outside is this Friday! Our team, along with some of our community partners, will be participating this year and we are so grateful for everyone who supports us, both through prayer and financially

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