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Light on the Horizon

  As I write this, we are nearing the one-year mark of when we went into lockdown. It was a year ago that things shifted, but coming out of Spring Break now, our outlook seems to be a whole lot brighter. When I first started with Youth Unlimited, I was asked what I wanted to name my personal newsletter. Some ideas were, “Jon’s Stories,” or, “Jon’s Updates” – something along those lines. I ended up going with the title “Hold Fast,” which comes from a couple places: it’s mentioned a few times in the Bible in reference to holding onto faith and truth, and it also refers to sailors when going through a storm.  It’s the idea of holding on tight to the lines of a sail so they don’t get stripped loose, or else you’ll lose your direction in the storm. It is so important to not let go, but to keep holding these lines. Sure, it might be tough in the moment, but if you hold true and hold fast, the storm will pass. You’ll be a better sailor for it, too. This imagery oozes with symbolism of holding

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