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  You can’t see it, but there’s a smiling face behind that mask! So much of our lives are surrounded by stories. We often settle in at night and put on a favorite show or a new movie that has caught our attention. We go into our cars and play music telling stories of love, life, and hardship. We listen to podcasts highlighting other people’s stories, we follow the story of our favorite sports team as they struggle to the playoffs, and we live in the midst of our story day to day. Each story that we get invited into is a gift; it’s a glimpse into someone’s world and reality. A window into the things they care about or to those small signs that point to a longing for more.   We have had a lot of change happen in our small corner of Youth Unlimited over the last few months. A lot of things to distract us from the stories of our young people. So as things have been unfolding for us this fall and as we’ve been getting settled into our new rhythms and routines, our focus is on stories. They

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