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Summer is Here!

  Hello to our wonderful community!  I feel like lately I’ve been using the phrase “since Spring Break” a lot. It has almost become this new marker of time similar to BC or AD. For us, it’s significant as it’s telling of a new era. Many difficulties have come up over the last two years but since spring break, the easing of restrictions has brought new levels of comfort to our youth and new opportunities for us to enter into. It’s an exciting time as I get to discern and pray over all of these new directions and opportunities that are coming up.  As summer begins, we have the YFC’s National Ministry Conference where we get to be together again! It’s a rich time of community, teaching, clarifying our vision, and coming together as one big body of passionate youth workers.  Also coming up again is another year of Gator Shades, in which we partner with and support WGSS as grade 7 students come to the school for a fun, practical, and relational building few weeks. Personal

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