We are Youth Unlimited

Langley Youth Unlimited is a division of Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited.  We are an international faith based organization that dates back to the 1940's.

In our area we have a dream that the youth of Langley would have the means to live a healthy life: Physically, Emotionally, Intellectually, Socially and Spiritually.  Addressing the needs of every aspect of life. from trouble with homework, emotional turmoil or questions about life and God.  We want to be a safe adult presence in the lives of youth aged 10-24 as they try to navigate the mess of life.

Our team is comprised of passionate and innovative individuals that try to pair the needs of the community with the passions of our staff in creating our response to in the area.  We are cooperative, and not competitive meaning that we would rather work together in partnership than worry about creating our own programs.

Each week the  Langley team of youth workers partners with 5 local schools which enables us to connect with almost 5000 students; hosts arts, mentoring and recreation programs for over 100 youth; meets an average of 20 young people for individually; sees significant life-changing, transformational moments in the lives of local kids.  .


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