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Embracing Smallness

This past week, I contacted thirty teens with an offer of conversation and a free lunch. It would be a time to build relationship and invest in them as people. And not one of them responded. A few years ago our team planned a Friday night 'party in the park' event. Every Friday evening we'd pull out the BBQ, play soccer, and eat candy. Over the whole summer, maybe six youth showed up. Sometimes youth ministry isn't as busy as you'd think. Yet, according to a recent Christianity Today article, upwards of 50% of people in ministry will experience burn out at some point in their career. Why is this? Maybe for some it's because they want to look successful, so they do more. But more often than not I believe it's because, in our compassion, we take on more than we should. We cannot do it all. We are only part of God's plan. There is wisdom in embracing our uniqueness, our smallness. As my parish priest, Fr. Michael, recently said, speaking of St. Pa

California Trip

Our team made it back safe and sound from our spring breakaway in California. Thanks for the prayers. We made it back safe and sound to our loved ones. Now it is time to rest up.

Momentum Update

"Those kids are amazing!" Tim said. We were debriefing the launch of our new Nights Alive program and this local youth pastor could not believe how capable the Momentum students were. Strange to think that just last year one of them was getting kicked out of school for drinking on school property, another was suffering from crippling anxiety, and a few were suicidal. Now they are a well-oiled machine, bringing fun and care to younger kids. And they are good at it. Momentum is a peer mentorship program where teenagers are paired with a caring adult mentor who meets with them regularly. As a group the teens volunteer once a week at Nights Alive, a rec program for elementary aged kids. The teens are being poured into, pouring out into others, and being transformed in the process! Momentum has been running out of Mountain Secondary School for three years now, and it's catching on. In the fall we were approached by a local youth pastor who wanted to take his ministry

Art Addicts Cancelled This Week

Just a reminder to all the students that there is no Art Addicts this week (the 18th) or next (the 25th). Have a wonderful Spring Break, everyone!

Nights Alive

Hey everyone! Don't forget about nights alive tonight! It is running from 6 to 8pm in the school gym! Anyone in grades 5 to 7 is welcome to come out and play gym games with us. We also have Dawn Driver guest speaking this week! For those of you wondering, this is the last week until after spring break!

Free Hotdogs

Our friends at CLA may underestimated the demand for free hotdogs.