Most of the time I take this space to tell you the stories of kids lives being transformed by the hope of Jesus. Or I share with you the struggles I’m facing while stepping into their messy lives. Well this month I thought I would share with you some of the other stuff that I do that doesn’t get talked about much.
I’m on our National Board at Youth For Christ. I fly out to Ontario a few times a year to help with the governance of this movement. It’s a huge learning experience! I love it! (Even though I feel so
outrageously young and dumb while in a room with such experienced and impressive people.)

I am on our Young Leaders Advisory Board, which means I’m flying all over the country several times a year with the objective of caring for the young staff in our organization, and speaking into national strategy on their behalf. It’s a ton of fun to get to know an amazing group of my peers across Canada. I do a lot of preaching. This summer I will be at three different summer camps, and I speak at different youth events, youth worker conferences, and churches on a monthly basis. I coordinate a group of volunteers. It’s my role to engage the body of Christ in the needs of the community, and it’s a very rewarding challenge! I supervise others. I have raised up a young leader who started as a teenager in my program, and is now running the program for me 8 years later! I recruit team mates. To do this work costs. It’s my role to go and find people who care about these kids enough to share the cost with me. I get them involved. Sometimes that’s by them volunteering, or partnering financially.
There are other things I do in this role like write letters to my partners, attend training events, pray a lot, support youth pastors in the city...but that’s all the space I have for now.
Thanks for being my team. I love you all.

- Carmen Rempel


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