Aside from being involved with young people as they walk through their lives, another part of my job is to advocate for youth issues in the community through meeting with key influencers in our region. Often times I’ll sit down with these people and one of the first things they say is, "Tell me about April." It throws me off that they know my wife’s name even though they have never met me before, but I realize that the reason they ask is likely because the signature line on my email clearly states "I love being married to April".
I do love being married to April. She is an amazing example of strength, commitment, resolve, hard work, organization and showing others love through simple acts of kindness. I’m humbled and honored to share life with her. God has used her life as encouragement, conviction, challenge and courage. Even if I’m thrown off by some of these interactions, I love the opportunity to share about how amazing my wife is and how it is a teamwork effort between us to keep us in a place where we can live out our convictions and values in our role at Youth Unlimited.
The second question I’m often asked is what role I see a faith-based organization having in these community projects. This is the time I get to talk about another relationship that is meaningful to me. I often get to share stories of how Jesus reached into a world of lost, broken and hurting people and shared his life with them and invited them into a place of belonging. I get to share how this motivates me to do the same thing in our community. These people may not share my convictions, but I have found that most often they respect my answer. When I started in the community it seemed like I was often trying to convince others of this reality. Now after ten years of service in Langley many agencies will go out of their way to connect with us because they have seen or heard how we love kids. The signature on my email may read a statement about April, but the signature on my life gives the credit to Him. I can’t think of a better way to live.

- Danny Ferguson


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