THIS WEEK'S TOP TEN LIST (because you need to remember the wins)

10.) When one of your youth who barely made it through school is suddenly hugging your new volunteer because she was "the best teacher they ever had."

9.) A school meeting where we brainstormed creative ways to bring more of the community into the school.

8.) When the wounded atheist youth tells you about their spiritual journey which is currently orbiting around Jesus.

7.) Getting up super early to buy a homeless youth breakfast & give them a ride to school.

6.) Finding out the homeless youth had found a family to live with thanks to a co-worker.

5.) Second hand smoke pays off, as I was able to point the vice-principal to a youth who has given up on school.

4.) A socially isolated youth has begun texting me pictures of their art & sharing about their dad’s failing health.

3.) A new school reached out asking me to take a challenging kid out for lunch once a week.

2.) A young man whose had a very tough year telling me how good God is.

1.) A youth’s Facebook post: "I just want to thank every employee of youth unlimited and everybody who goes to art club and helps out there as well. Tonight was probably the best night I’ve had there. The conversations were unreal and so amazing. Talk about all the emotions that ran through everybody tonight....crazy. Love you all xo."
- Derian Julihn


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