A Day In The Life Of

We were at Alpha. My teens who took 4 weeks to build up the courage to step through those intimidating doors were here....and bored. They liked the Youth Alpha videos we had watched before, but we were watching the adult Alpha video this week and they couldn’t get over the 80’s hair styles and the old man with a British accent preaching. One of them grabbed my bible from the table and started leafing through the worn, scribbled on pages. 

During the discussion time after he said to me “Carmen I was looking through your bible and I was actually just reading your notes in the margins. Some of them were funny. But what I really liked was there was a part about how to treat slaves, and you had circled it, and wrote a note on the side that said “Yuck. What do I do with this?” And I just wanted to say that I really respect that about you. I’m used to Christians who blindly follow and ignore the controversial parts of the bible. It was cool to see you struggle with parts of the bible.” That launched us into a huge discussion which ended with him excited to start researching the origin and authorship of the bible. I gave him a copy of “A Case for Faith” that Sonrise church donated, and then we bought McFlurries and ran around knocking on doors and running away. 

Another day in the life of an Urban Youth Missionary.

- Carmen Rempel


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