I love ideas. My teammates joke that you can name any topic and I will probably have read a blog about it. I
especially love when I can make a connection between two seemingly unconnected ideas. We have a word for this kind of magic - an epiphany.
I had an epiphany recently. We were learning about Physical Literacy - teaching the ABC’s and 123’s of movement before assuming people can play sports or compete. The instructor had us moving around the room doing silly actions and I found myself embarrassed at being paraded around the room in front of everyone. I was so upset I left the room and hid in the office. Later the topic turned to how negative experiences can hinder our physical literacy development. Suddenly I realized my anger and embarrassment was connected to something deeper. Gym class was probably the least safe place for me. As I began to process this layer of hurt I realized how deep it ran. I saw how even now as an adult youth worker, I still avoid school gyms. The smoke pit is my second home but please don’t make me go to the PE teacher’s office.
I had a second opportunity for Physical Literacy training so I decided to face my fears and go again. I had a
second epiphany while there. Perhaps our sport programs shouldn’t be run by the jock who never struggled with sports. Perhaps you want the person who understands the struggle and builds a program that makes it safe and fun for everyone to learn and compete. That’s when I realized the parallels with ministry.  God loves to use people who’ve been broken to serve the broken. Perhaps I have more to offer in the gymnasium than I thought.
Post-epiphany the connection seems so obvious. An epiphany can change the world (like Isaac Newton’s
apple) but most epiphanies start by changing you.

- Derian Julihn


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