A Phone Conversation

Lots of my time is spent grieving with youth. I know the importance of being there for them in the middle of the mess, but what I really enjoy are the times I get to see laughter instead of tears. This is a phone call I had last week with one teen I’ve spent a lot of time grieving with in the past few months:

"So I was praying for you today."

"Oh that’s nice. Thanks."

"I was praying that God would give you a reason to smile today. I know it was a rough day."

"Ya. It was hard." *This girl has been rejected and

ridiculed in horrendous ways

"Well right after I finished praying I got an email from someone saying that they want to donate two tickets for a Taylor Swift concert and I was wondering..."

"AAAAAHHHHH! Are you serious right now!?!"

"So do you want to go see Taylor Swift with me?"

"AHHHHH!!!! That’s so amazing! That’s the best thing ever! Thank you so much!"

"No. Don’t thank me. This is straight up a gift from Jesus to you today. His way of making you smile."


I think that’s the first time she’s ever said that.

Thank you to all our supporters who faithfully give. God uses your generosity to bless these dear children of His. I pray you are blessed in return. Now please excuse me, I’m going to go "shake it off".

- Carmen Rempel


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