The Journey Begins

Thanks for actually reading my first letter and not letting it sit in a pile of unopened mail on your
counter! This first month working at Youth Unlimited had been fun, encouraging, challenging,
and humbling. I want this newsletter to not just be a quick update on how I am doing and what you can pray for, but I want to let you in on the story of it all too.

As human beings we connect with story and narrative, we crave it and find it all around us. By partnering with me you are enabling me to enter into other people's stories, to not only see and hear them, but to be in them too. This newsletter is me letting you in as well.

A few weeks ago I got an urgent text message from a teenager asking to go for coffee. He said
he had to talk. We set a time early the next day and met up. His home situation had gotten so
complicated and painful that being at home was hard for him, he said he didn’t feel safe. He had
been keeping it to himself and putting a smile on for months and needed to get it off his chest.
After he had shared, he decided it was time to encourage me. He took nearly ten minutes to tell
me why he texted me, why he trusted me. He essentially told me why he thought I should
continue being a youth worker.

On those days where I get discouraged, or when things seem harder than they “ought” to be, I
am reminded of that meeting. That if we don’t have youth workers in Langley then maybe those
teens don’t have someone to text at 11 PM when they feel like life is getting too difficult. I wish
that I had someone like that to text or call when I was a teenager.

It costs around $4500 per month to put a youth worker on the ground in Langley. If you haven’t
already, would you thoughtfully and prayerfully consider being a part of my journey? Every little
bit counts.

I look forward to connecting with you and continuing to share about the opportunity God has
presented me with in the city of Langley.

- Thomas


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