Do the Little Things Make a Difference?

High Ropes Course with Gator Shades

This summer there were a lot of opportunities to do the little things. Perhaps it was noticing the kid who shows up 2 hours early and stays an hour late. Perhaps it was sitting with him in the hot sun, sharing a Pepsi and a Snickers bar, while waiting for his ride to show up. Perhaps it was
offering him a ride home whenever you could while making sure to stop for ice cream.

Perhaps it was making memories by losing a silly bet and paying up with a Mountain Dew from the vending machine. Perhaps it was not taking over for a young lady as she struggled to open her locker for the 100th time, or not reacting in anger when you are being screamed at in front of hundreds of strangers. Perhaps it was listening to a student talk about their hobbies and
passions or taking the time to ask about their life story. Or even choosing not to quit on the
lonely kid who just did not want to be there.

If you ever wondered if your ‘little’ prayers and ‘little’ donations make a difference in our ministry, please know that they are helping us do many little things in the lives of young people who
desperately need a little thing in their lives. Do they make a difference? We believe they do and are trusting God to multiply the little into much.

- Derian Julihn


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