Happy New Year!

To me, the fall always feels like the beginning of the New Year.  Baseball season ends and football begins; vacation ends and the kids go back to the school routine.  This year Avery advances to first grade and Joe will start in third.  In fact, Joe will be in one of the split level classes that I have worked in as a volunteer youth worker for the past ten years.  It is exciting to be a part of the school, not just as a professional but as a parent.  April continues to make connections with many other parents and kids in our community.  We have a real heart to take Jesus’ challenge to “Love your neighbors as yourself” as literally as possible.  We have the honor of knowing so many people throughout our sub-division: from our kid’s friends, to the youth I work with, all the way to the senior citizens who have lived in the same house before the subdivision was ever there.

This fall also marks a new season for myself as I begin training and mentoring through Arrow Leadership (www.arrowleadership.org). As I shared several months ago, my team has grown a lot since we launched Youth Unlimited in Langley.  Arrow will not only help me with my leadership skills, but will also prepare me personally for the next season of ministry, whatever that may bring. (As a side note: if you are interested in contributing additional support for me to receive this training, I have a supporter who has graciously agreed to match donations for those who contribute funds
toward this endeavor.  If you are interested in taking part in this, please let me know.)  After twelve years in full time ministry, this opportunity feels like excellent timing.  April and I have no doubt in God’s direction for this matter.  I look forward to sharing what we learn as we walk ahead in this.

This also feels like a new start for us as April and I have spent a great deal of time these past six months trying to discern God’s leadership in our lives.  We are still not clear about every step on the path ahead but in working closely and prayerfully with the leadership of the church we have attended the past ten years, we felt it was time for us to step down in our responsibilities in the church and invest in a new community.  This was a difficult process but the pastors and elders worked with us to conclude our time there and they are continuing to journey with us as we look to what is ahead.  We think this change may have something to do with the ever-growing passion we have for our neighborhood, but that remains to be determined.  We would welcome your prayers and any discernment you may receive from God in this manner.  We know that there is a community of people that God wants us to invest in and we are excited to see where He leads us in this.

So, lots of transitions.  Fresh starts.  New opportunities.  New investments. I feel like it is then appropriate to say:

Happy New Year!

- Danny Ferguson


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