Each year, our team takes a portion of the summer months to pause and reorient ourselves for the
following school year.  Some may speak about this in terms of a vacation, but we resist the idea that we “vacate” ourselves from the source of our motivations.  Instead, we like to use the term holiday from the root “Holy-Day”. Even in our time away from the day-to-day activities, we use the time we have to regain strength for the following season by investing in our faith and our families.

As our team assembled for our first meeting after the summer, we each shared about the things we learned during our holidays and how these lessons were serving to motivate us to care for the youth that we will come in contact with during the upcoming season. We realize that for many young people the summer months mean that they have likely been separated from their community that centers on the social aspect of school.  The time with their families may have drained their soul rather than restored it.  That is why we take our holidays so seriously – we want to be sure that our team is able to host the type of community these youth need to thrive.

- Danny Ferguson


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