What is Gator Shades?

Dragon Boating with Gator Shades

GatorShades is the name of a summer program we ran in partnership with Walnut Grove Secondary School. It was aimed at new students who are likely to get lost in the shuffle of going to the high school. For us, it was a chance to pack an entire school years’ worth of relationship building into 5 weeks.

Here is some of the feedback we received…

“I thought I’d just take a moment to let you know how much my son, Steve, is enjoying the program. Thank you very much for having him, and helping him transition to high school. Everyone I’ve talked to has commented on how they wish there had been a program when they were transitioning to high school!”

 “I just wanted to let you know how much Brad is enjoying the Gator Shades program. He’s been full of energy and excitement every day this week when I’ve picked him up. As soon as he’s in the car he shares all the cool things he has seen and done throughout the day. This is VERY uncharacteristic of him so you and your team have done an amazing job in connecting and engaging him. I’m incredibly grateful for all your hard work in making this a positive experience for Brad! Thank you.”

“Aidan told me about some of his challenges today with the Segways.  They are so much fun. I have had a couple of
opportunities to ride on them when taking tours in other cities.  Please thank whoever brought them for the kids to ride, what a great opportunity.  Aidan really enjoyed riding on one, even if his behavior wasn’t always expressing that. I just wanted to thank you again for this opportunity, I will
wholeheartedly endorse this
program for kids to help prepare them for grade 8.  Thank you for letting Aidan have this opportunity, I think it has been very helpful.”

- Derian Julihn


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