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Langley Youth Unlimited

There is Nights Alive tonight at Langley Meadows in the school gym! We will be playing gym games from 6 to 8pm. Anyone in grades 5 to 7 is welcome to come out and play games with us :)


In his book “Sustainable Youth Ministry”, Mark DeVries shares his perspectives on why many youth ministries don’t last. As I was reading, I found myself comparing the ideals for his concept of sustainability with my new role at Youth Unlimited. It is so easy to get caught up in the exciting things that happen in work with youth that the questions of how it will be maintained for the future are not asked. I found myself encouraged by how well Youth Unlimited is living out the principles I’m learning about in class. As I share some of the points that really stood out to me, I hope you will see why Youth Unlimited is a ministry worth investing in.

The first point has to do with appropriate staffing. While most youth ministries revolve around one key youth leader, Youth Unlimited takes a strong team approach.  This allows the team to care for each other as they serve and care for youth together.  I experienced this first hand when I began my internship at Youth Unlimited. I felt respecte…


At a recent school presentation I talked about the concept of revealing our true identity with a group of 8th grade students.  I took a cheesy line from the latest Superman movie to illustrate the point.  When Superman is asked what the “S” stands for on his chest, he responds in saying; “It’s not an “S”, in my world it means hope.” With a simple art project I then asked the youth what their symbol of hope and identity would be.  Here were some of their thoughts:
 -      I am different minded, unique and filled with thoughts but a big portion of my mind and personality are unknown to me.
-       Peace will always be with us, even if it’s far away.
-       I think choosing the right path is the most important thing in life.  I hope to choose the right path throughout my life.
-       I am cynical.  How can drawing a picture wrap up all of who I am?
-       My symbol represents all the layers of my masks I have to peel away before I can find myself.
-       Every day, when the sun rise…


Just over a year ago I found myself in a coffee shop across from Danny and Derian - mom of three young kids who had been at home full time for 5 years keeping the drive of my vocational calling alive through brief periods of volunteerism. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. I have known Derian for years. My family has walked alongside his work and have heard countless stories of Jesus moving in Langley youth and the doors He is opening for the Langley Youth Unlimited team. But here we were talking about things in my wheel house. Leadership development and mentoring, how to run administration and operations effectively, and how to move well through transition and growth. I am no youth worker but I walked away invited to bring what I have to offer and be a part of the work at Langley Youth Unlimited.

As I have walked along side this team, I am continuously amazed at their loyalty, faithfulness, courage, and determination. They choose to face the realities of life with youth counting …


Name: Megan Adam
Title: Administrative Assistant
Start Date w/ YU: Oct 2014
Favourite Part of Working in Langley: The team - I feel so supported in my role and in my personal life. This job has truly been an answer to prayer.
Favourite Task: Planning events! Whether it’s a staff get-together, our art show, or prepping for meetings, I love it!

Nicknames: Megs, Meg
Spouse: Matthew
Where I Grew Up: Burnaby, BC
High School: Burnaby Mountain Secondary School
Instruments I Can Play: Guitar, Piano, Vocals

Spare Time Activities: Hiking, walking, time with friends, baking
Food: French fries and milk chocolate
Author: Francine Rivers
Book of the Bible: James
Movie: Sound of Music
Office Supply: Post-it Notes and anything involving a whiteboard

Langley Youth Unlimited

Nights Alive is on tonight in the Langley Meadows school gym! We will be playing gym games from 6 to 8pm. Anyone in grades 5 to 7 is welcome to come out and play gym games with us :)