Just over a year ago I found myself in a coffee shop across from Danny and Derian - mom of three young kids who had been at home full time for 5 years keeping the drive of my vocational calling alive through brief periods of volunteerism. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. I have known Derian for years. My family has walked alongside his work and have heard countless stories of Jesus moving in Langley youth and the doors He is opening for the Langley Youth Unlimited team. But here we were talking about things in my wheel house. Leadership development and mentoring, how to run administration and operations effectively, and how to move well through transition and growth. I am no youth worker but I walked away invited to bring what I have to offer and be a part of the work at Langley Youth Unlimited.

As I have walked along side this team, I am continuously amazed at their loyalty, faithfulness, courage, and determination. They choose to face the realities of life with youth counting the high cost of this work, yet giving their all to see glimpses of the Kingdom breaking through.  And the question that runs through my mind continuously is “How do we enable them more?” And I think the answer is YOU!

“It takes a village to raise a child” and it takes a village to enable the Youth Unlimited Team to serve more youth. They need business people and entrepreneurs to help develop new income streams, administrative support for mailings, cooks for youth meals, drivers and mechanics for the bus, artists to teach at art club, grant writers to enable funding, advocates to speak on behalf of youth and those caught in Human Trafficking, net-workers to grow support teams, prayer warriors who want to see the Kingdom come to Langley youth, parents of young children who are just making it through the day and hope that one day there will be a youth worker like these guys for their kids... YOU.

Get in touch, get involved, you won’t regret it.

- Erin Julihn


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