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A Day In The Life Of...

These last two months have been a roller coaster. I launched the program I was hired to work with, have started figuring out the kinks that need to be worked on, have seen some huge successes, and have been able to bring on a number of new monthly ministry partners (shout out to those people!).

I am not one who journals, but the other day I was so filled with emotion that I needed to get it out. So let me share a little of what I wrote with you:

“Today, I felt like a youth worker... I got to spend time in a school and hear about a staff member’s life. I played tag with kids in a loud gym. I heard some of those same kids share about their parents’ recent divorce and how others split time with their parents. Today, I was able to make a difference in a youth’s life... Today, I felt successful when a kid told me he comes to Nights Alive to hang out
because people respect each other there. Today, as always, I needed Jesus.”

I have so many stories to share that I can’t pick just one. That …

Something Finally Clicked

For those of you who might not know, I sometimes speak before carefully thinking.  In the past this has worked against me and I can be teased for some of the ridiculous things that come out of my mouth.  However, I want to tell you about a time recently when this bizarre character trait became a blessing.

I feel as though I am in a constant battle to control my thoughts. I constantly question myself and worry. This anxiety can cripple me from speaking up at all, even when I should stand up for myself, share my opinion or introduce people to Jesus.

Last week at our Art Club something finally clicked. When talking with teenagers my boss told me to get awkward. To be honest, I was pretty sure that was the last thing I wanted to do. I am constantly thinking of the best way to say things to the teenagers so that they like me and not think of me as a freak. However, my boss was trying to push me outside of my comfort zone and get to know youth in a different way. Yet, I was not sure how as…

There Is Hope

The chatter around the room was vibrant and lively as dinner dishes were being cleaned, a board game was being set up, music blared and the TV was buzzing with distractions.  In the midst of all this noise, I was able to experience a holy moment.  A moment of peace.  I wish you could have been there.  That you could have heard the voice of the young lady as she shared the story of her life with me.  A voice that matter of factly told me of things that made my heart ache and grieve the childhood that she had missed.  I wish you could have looked into her eyes as I did when she told me about her views on life as a result of living with so much pain.  She was self admittedly confused about what she should believe about the world. I didn’t know what to say, but simply asked “How is it that you can ever smile?”

She looked at me and simply said.  “Despite it all, despite what happened.  And even though I haven’t always helped the situation with my choices, my mom has always loved me.  When…

December Prayer Requests

pray for solidification of fundraising for the new Langley staffpray that the Langley staff would be able to experience a time of rest and rejuvenation over the Christmas breakpray for the youth who will be struggling over the Christmas holiday’s - for some, school is the only stability in their lifepray that meals, volunteers, prayer, donations, etc. would continue to pour in during 2016 as it did in 2015praise God that the conversations have been going deeper with youth

Pivotal Moments

Around a month ago, Amy and I sat down with the group of new Momentum students and played a game together. These students have signed up to be mentored by adults as well as to mentor kids younger than themselves - they know it’s going to be a stretching year. The game we played was a get-to-know you game, but I wanted it to be a unique one and not surface level. The game was simple: take a blank piece of paper and on one side draw a fun or funny story and on the other side draw a significant moment in your life. We wanted to get to know these students and to hear some memories that were significant to them. Their answers did not disappoint.

We heard many stories - some positive, some not as positive. About halfway around the circle a student shared about his experience in Momentum last year. His drawing was simple, but the words that accompanied it made it powerful. He had drawn two arms with a razor blade beside them. Between the arms and the razor blade was a group of people. This …

Introducing: Jon

Name: Jon Pue
Title: Youth Worker
Start Date w/ YU: Aug. 2015
Favourite Part of Working in Langley: Everything is ten minutes away
What Brought Me to the Team: Years of patience and figuring out where the Lord was leading.

Spouse: Kirstie
Date I Was Married: May 26, 2013...right, Kirstie?
Where I Grew Up: Langley
High School: D.W. Poppy Secondary School

Spare Time Activities: Coffee, comic books, movies, puppies
Food: Breakfast. All breakfast food.
Book of the Bible: Philippians
Movie: The Dark Knight or Star Wars. Or maybe Lord of the Rings. Or the Avengers. Or Rocky. Possibly the rest of the Marvel movies. I’ll get back to you all.
Author: Hard to say overall but right now it’s Mother Theresa.

Langley Youth Unlimited

Due to a lack of interest, Langley YU will no longer be attending the Eastside Culture Crawl on Saturday. Enjoy your weekend and the sunshine!

Friends and Family

I’m happy to be writing you once again!

Personally, I am still journeying but doing well. I have quickly found a home here with the Langley Youth Unlimited team. Their support of me personally has been an unexpected gift in a season of change, grief, and a new normal. I am thankful.

I truly believe in the work that we’re doing; striving to live out our faith, engaging in the lives of young people and fostering the connections that they need to thrive.

It continues to be a very rich experience. I also genuinely enjoy getting to reconnect with so many of you throughout this process - not just personally but also in partnership for the betterment of the youth of Langley. It excites me to see you supporting the team and I here at Langley Youth Unlimited. I am very grateful for the vast ways that support has been shown to me. So thank you - it goes farther than you know.

Because of this support I hit my first goal into making this dream a reality, which was to be able to engage with youth…

Expanding Team, Expanding Role

About a year ago, my job title changed to Assistant Area Director. This was both recognition of increased leadership and preparation for the growth of our team. As of today, Langley has almost doubled in size to 9 staff, 2 interns and about 40 volunteers. (You may have noticed the extra faces appearing on the other side of this update.)

One of the impacts on my work has been a significant increase in demand for my time. I currently only take a salary for 4 days a week but it’s become more and more of a “How do I fit this much work into 4 days?” The answer is I can’t. So Allison and I have decided it’s finally time to push ahead to full-time ministry.

Imagine what the impact of an extra day could be…

On Monday, I stood outside with a group of teens during school lunch hour listening to a discussion on faith and religion in between cigarette drags…That’s another school lunch hour each week!
On Tuesday, I sat with a young lady as she fought back tears. She let me pray with her, even tho…

How to Inoculate Kids Against the Gospel

Have you heard of the concept called ‘ethnocentrism’? It is a sociological term for how people evaluate another culture solely by the values and standards of one’s own culture. In other words looking at others through the lens of our own cultural assumptions as opposed to engaging with people from other cultures to learn about their values and understanding from themselves.

We all do this, and to a certain extent it’s impossible to avoid. We must evaluate continually. But when we evaluate others and do it casually, or when we are unaware we are doing it, it can be a huge problem. I once shared a meal with a group of teens and a handful of adults. At one point in the evening the conversation progressed from silly to more serious and a few youth started opening up about their lives and their beliefs. One teen, after sharing his thoughts and beliefs, was asked by a befuddled adult: “You don’t actually believe that, do you?” Though, I don’t believe the speaker was intending to be judgmen…

Langley Youth Unlimited

****Due to early dismissal today the bus will be picking up students at REMSS (1:50 pm) and WGSS (2:05 pm) for Art Addicts****