A Day In The Life Of...

Participating in the Langley RBC Sports Day for Youth Unlimited!

These last two months have been a roller coaster. I launched the program I was hired to work with, have started figuring out the kinks that need to be worked on, have seen some huge successes, and have been able to bring on a number of new monthly ministry partners (shout out to those people!).

I am not one who journals, but the other day I was so filled with emotion that I needed to get it out. So let me share a little of what I wrote with you:

“Today, I felt like a youth worker... I got to spend time in a school and hear about a staff member’s life. I played tag with kids in a loud gym. I heard some of those same kids share about their parents’ recent divorce and how others split time with their parents. Today, I was able to make a difference in a youth’s life... Today, I felt successful when a kid told me he comes to Nights Alive to hang out
because people respect each other there. Today, as always, I needed Jesus.”

I have so many stories to share that I can’t pick just one. That was just one day! And each of those sentences are full stories compacted down. I already feel like I have so many stories I could share with you, and I’m only able to work with youth a couple of days a week. Imagine the stories we would share, the mentoring I could do, the conversations I could have, if I could spend more time
working with youth. Right now, the only thing stopping that from happening is finances. Let’s make that happen together! Can you take a couple minutes right now to consider what partnering financially might look like for you?

- Thomas Murtland


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