Expanding Team, Expanding Role

About a year ago, my job title changed to Assistant Area Director. This was both recognition of increased leadership and preparation for the growth of our team. As of today, Langley has almost doubled in size to 9 staff, 2 interns and about 40 volunteers. (You may have noticed the extra faces appearing on the other side of this update.)

One of the impacts on my work has been a significant increase in demand for my time. I currently only take a salary for 4 days a week but it’s become more and more of a “How do I fit this much work into 4 days?” The answer is I can’t. So Allison and I have decided it’s finally time to push ahead to full-time ministry.

Imagine what the impact of an extra day could be…

On Monday, I stood outside with a group of teens during school lunch hour listening to a discussion on faith and religion in between cigarette drags…That’s another school lunch hour each week!
On Tuesday, I sat with a young lady as she fought back tears. She let me pray with her, even though she doesn’t believe in God, and asked if we could chat more over a cup later in the week…That’s another after school appointment each week!
On Wednesday, I met with a new staff member as they wrestled with the challenges of ministry…That’s extra time each week for a staff member who can multiply a little bit of encouragement into a massive impact on hundreds of more youth.
On Thursday, I meet with the School District Team on how we can better support violent and potentially violent students in our schools…That an extra community partner meeting I can attend each week.
On Friday…

From salary and benefits to ministry and program expenses, it costs Youth Unlimited about $60,000 a year to place a full-time youth worker in the field. Our goal is to raise an extra $1000 per month in order to cover the increased costs of ministry. Would you consider helping us add Fridays to our updates?

- Derian Julihn


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