Friends and Family

I’m happy to be writing you once again!

Personally, I am still journeying but doing well. I have quickly found a home here with the Langley Youth Unlimited team. Their support of me personally has been an unexpected gift in a season of change, grief, and a new normal. I am thankful.

I truly believe in the work that we’re doing; striving to live out our faith, engaging in the lives of young people and fostering the connections that they need to thrive.

It continues to be a very rich experience. I also genuinely enjoy getting to reconnect with so many of you throughout this process - not just personally but also in partnership for the betterment of the youth of Langley. It excites me to see you supporting the team and I here at Langley Youth Unlimited. I am very grateful for the vast ways that support has been shown to me. So thank you - it goes farther than you know.

Because of this support I hit my first goal into making this dream a reality, which was to be able to engage with youth two days a week. I’m eager to keep going so that I can continue making connections with students in our high schools. For every day that I’m in the schools I am able to make connections with around 40-50 students. As of right now I am able to connect with around 100 students weekly and an additional 30 that attend our after school programs (Art Addicts and LEAD meals).

As of right now I’m currently trying to raise an additional $930 in monthly pledges. This will allow me to take a third day of paid ministry.

Reaching this goal will help me expand those connections with more students and in deeper ways. For every day that I am able to show up in their lives, I guarantee that I am not missing out on time or connections with students who so desperately need it. In order for me to do my job well, I need to be able to invest that time where it’s needed.

The students that I work with come from places of hurt and brokenness - from poor family backgrounds to just being neglected. My heart is for the students that are forgotten about, the ones that get walked by or ignored. Once you take notice of them, it becomes harder to not recognize it
everywhere. I want to be around for more of these stories and more of these moments. Your role in this makes that possible.

So please consider supporting me. Financially, prayerfully, through volunteering, or opening doors for us. The need is great but the workers are few.

- Jon Pue


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