A Message from Jon (On Behalf of Danny)

I had heard a lot about Danny from my friend Derian before meeting him. It wasn’t until my first interview with Youth Unlimited this past summer that I got to meet him. I had heard all these great things about the work he has done, his leadership with the Langley team, his connections with the high schools and youth agencies in Langley, and stories of transformation.

So needless to say, I had no idea the type of person to expect when first meeting him. Surely this person whose reputation preceded him would be an intense leader, like the ministry leaders I had met before. However, I was immediately disarmed and more comfortable upon meeting him when I realized that he looked exactly like 90% of the people that visit my local comic book store.

After getting hired on at Youth Unlimited, Danny became my immediate supervisor and is the fearless leader for the Langley Youth Unlimited team. In his kind, patient, firm but gentle demeanor Danny works alongside me to help with navigating the calm and stormy waters of fundraising. His experience from the last 11 years in regards to partner development is an incredible asset for me, as it has helped lead me to a place of sustainable ministry.

Danny has helped create an environment for personal sustainability in a career that is, by nature, largely tough and unpredictable. He makes sure that I am taking care of myself, my family, and my soul, fully knowing that if those things aren’t in place, my effectiveness as a youth worker will slowly dissipate and I could burn out.

His work has paved the way for Youth Workers like myself. He has established connections and relationships needed for us to thrive in our areas of ministry. The first three high schools that I visited after starting work here, I was greeted the exact same way upon introducing myself;

“GREAT! Welcome, we love having you guys here…do you know if you’re going to be at our school yet?”

Danny has made it easy for people like me - who love the community and the young people that fall between the cracks here. All I had to do was introduce myself and say I’m Youth Unlimited. Danny has laid this groundwork for us. I know that coming into a high school to a reception such as that is not normal. But like I said, that path has been paved for us so we can come and intersect in the lives of youth.

By leading in this way, with his experience, care, and ground work, we are set up to thrive in ministry. I am not sure if Danny intended for this years ago, but his reach and overall impact on the lives of young people here in Langley is going to reach farther than he ever could have imagined.

Your partnership with Danny over the years has helped to make this happen. By believing in him and the work we do, you enable youth workers like Derian, Savannah, Chris, Thomas, Amy and myself to make a daily impact on the lives of young people here in Langley. Thank you.

- Jon Pue


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