A Message From Our Interns (On Behalf of Chris)

Hello, my name is Jared.
I am an intern at Langley Youth Unlimited. Chris is my supervisor. As I have been working with
young people in the community, Chris and the rest of the team have been amazing to learn from. I have learned ways to help youth in ways that can make all the difference in their lives. It has been a really cool opportunity, and I feel incredibly blessed. The Lord has broken my heart for young people. Their stories are unbelievable. The youth workers interact with them in amazing ways. I’ve witnessed the Langley staff share the gospel in amazing ways. They also live out the gospel before them, reflecting Jesus to those who desperately need Him.  They are not afraid to share Jesus, and I have been surprised by how often this conversation comes up.

- Jared

Hello, my name is Sarah.
I have been interning at Langley YU since September. Over the last number of months I have seen a glimpse of what it is like to be a youth worker, both through interacting with the staff and working with youth. I watch as the staff here walk alongside youth as they struggle through the daily life of being teenagers. The mentoring relationships that are built are extremely valuable. I see how having supportive role models has a positive effect on the youth. It doesn’t surprise me that some of them have expressed a desire to become youth workers themselves. That, to me, indicates the impact of
 the relationships that they have had with Youth Unlimited and how they want to carry that on to
 the next generation.

- Sarah


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