Growing Relationships

At our Volunteer Appreciation Night, with youth pastor, Bryan.

How long would you guess that it takes to build trust with students? For every student this number varies depending on who they are. For some it might be two weeks for others it might be multiple years. How much consistency does it take?

As some of you know I started volunteering in 2006. Since then I have committed myself to being a consistent presence in a number of students lives. Over that past few months I have had the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with some of the students that I have been working with long term. With one of these students it has taken just under 6 years to build trust. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be present in this person’s life and build this relationship by continuing to be present. It has been, and continues to be, such a privilege to help students learn and develop new leadership skills every week!

Being a part of students lives long term has been one of the coolest opportunities that I have encountered. Getting to watch someone grow and develop into a responsible young person who wants to learn how to give back to the community is awesome. I don’t take these opportunities for granted.

Please continue to pray for our students as they encounter difficult situations in everyday life. I am forever grateful for the opportunities to work with these students and for the opportunity to invest in them on a more consistent basis than when I was volunteering. I know that I am forever thankful to the people who invested their time in me when I was young.

Thank you sooooo much for your support and prayers! You make it possible for youth in our community to have the resources they need to live healthy lives!

- Amy Seiler


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