Momentum Staycation

Every year, a major part of our Momentum program is a Spring Break trip. In the past we have gone to California, but to allow more teens to join in on the fun this year we kept it local. I had some doubts. I was worried that this year’s simplicity would be overshadowed by the huge rides of Disneyland or the sunny beaches of California. Instead, I was amazed by the impact that was had by simply organizing fun games that had the teens working together.

From our silent hike to an Amazing Race all over Langley, the week was tiring. We ended the week with a giant conversation about what Momentum meant to the teens. As we went around the circle, I was amazed with the level of vulnerability coming from the students. With his permission, I’d like to share one student’s story. For most of his life he struggled with fitting in - he said that there were only a couple of people he could call a friend. Now he was sitting in a room filled with people he could call friends. He said that these were memories he would be holding on to for life. He then mused that he would be sitting in his retirement home one day thinking back on this week, cherishing these
memories (Although, I’m guessing he’ll have made some other cool ones to think about before then!).
Thank you, thank you, thank you for partnering with me in the way you do. Whether it’s prayer, monthly financial support, mentoring one of the teens, or anything else, I appreciate it and cannot have this kind of impact without you. That story above is exactly why I do what I do. Now that I have reached two days a week, my goal is to get to three (and eventually four) days a week. Help me continue to have this impact with the ability to spend even more time mentoring teens, taking lunch hours in the local high schools, and helping them create awesome friendships with each other. Any monthly financial partnership will help me get closer to that goal!

- Thomas Murtland


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