What Art Addicts Means to Me

  At our 2016 Art Show, Brittany shared her experience with Langley Youth Unlimited. Here is what she had to say:

   “I have been a part of Art Addicts since grade 10. I have now completed my first year of university and still continuously attend. This room and these people mean so much to me. I have met life-long friends here and every week someone new walks through those doors.

   Originally, this was a place where I could be creative and express myself through art. Over the past four years I have seen this club grow into much more than just a creative space. It has become an area full of love, understanding, compassion and diversity. The workers here give ongoing support no matter the issue, sexuality, gender or age.

  Personally, I have connected with Savannah Deepwell who has become like an older sister to me. She has helped me in so many ways and her support through my life decisions with relationships, school and family have been tremendous.

   The youth whom attend this club find a great unity with one another and refer to art club as a “safe place” to be themselves. This is a place where you won’t be yelled at for being too loud, or discriminated against for your sexuality. I have now realized that this area’s purpose is not only a creative space but also a safe, loving space. A family away from home. A break from school. A space where you can truly be yourself and express yourself without fear of being judged.”


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