Summer Plans

I really don’t know where to start with this newsletter. I want to share with you the victories; the words of encouragement, the conversations about Jesus, the good decisions and memories. I also want to share with you the new hurts and pains; the broken relationships, the self doubts, the poor decisions. I want to share with you the programs: the end of another year of Momentum, the beginning of Youth Alpha, the Youth Art Show. There’s really too much. The end of the school year brings with it huge changes. Many programs end, some new ones start, and teens get a lot more free time. Right now we are experiencing a huge interest from the teens in who Jesus is. If you’re a praying person, prayers for continued receptivity/openness are much appreciated.

As I head into the summer, people seem to be interested in how I’ll be spending my days, Here is a quick run through of what you could expect to see me doing this summer. Primarily, I will be hanging with my friends who are youth. They’re the obvious priority. Going to movies, on a walk, or grabbing a slurpee, we will be chatting about life. Secondly, running a program takes a lot of administrative prep, so I want to get as much of that for the next year out if the way. And finally, you’ll probably see me dreaming of bigger and better things to do next year!

But if you want to hear more stories, hear about what has been happening for some specific youth, get in touch and this summer we could grab a coffee (or a slurpee!) and maybe I’ll even bring one of my teenage friends along.

- Thomas Murtland


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