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Relationships are the foundation of work with youth. In a world where it seems impossible to trust because people tend to have ulterior motives or frankly just don’t care, it becomes immensely important that trust is established between myself and the youth I am in contact with. And that trust takes time and effort. You might wonder why we take them to do activities like Castle Fun Park where it’s hard to have a conversation because of the amount of loud video games and screaming children. Shared experiences are a strong binder in relationships which is exactly what this is. It is breaking the ice between getting to know them and them trusting you. It also allows them to see me in an environment interacting with other people who I am not “working” with. They are able to see if I can live out the way I say I do, which is often a discrepancy among others. For myself, I love the challenge of getting to know people which makes this job all the more exciting. I also enjoy the tim