Hit the Ground Running

The summer has come and gone in a giant whirlwind. With the new school year here, we have been preparing for a few changes for the coming school year.

I am continuing to run a gym blast program at lunch period at the new middle school in the area. This helps continue to foster relationships with students and teachers in the school. This includes working in partnership with the school to help provide more opportunities for students to have healthy and safe interactions with adults and to provide programs where students can feel safe.

The biggest change that is coming this fall is starting up a mobile drop in centre for middle school aged students in the area. The goal is to provide them with a safe place with good adult role models around that they can trust. This new program will be a great asset to the community since there are not many options or programs for young students to attend at this point in time, especially if they are not involved in after school programs that are provided by the school.  This will create more opportunity to provide resources for the students that have slipped between the cracks and have rough family lives.

Moving into the future always seems uncertain but everything always works out in the end. I know this is the start to another amazing year! I hope that you know I am very thankful for your continued support! I couldn’t do this work without you!

- Amy Seiler


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