Thoughts On Savannah

At the summer program, Gator Shades

Writing newsletters is one of the weirdest parts of our jobs. We have to find a way to make a subtle brag about our work in order to truly show the people who make it possible (you) that God is doing amazing things at Langley YU. It’s a lot easier, however, to brag about our coworkers. This last year I have seen Savannah do amazing work at Youth Unlimited. She has a strong core group of youth who continually come to her for advice and support. She talks openly about her faith and isn’t afraid of telling people how much her faith means to her. I know that Savannah is doing the work that God desires of her, and she’s doing it well. That’s why I support her $100 every month. It’s not because I have a bunch of extra money, it’s because I see her walking where Jesus is leading her and doing what she was made to do. And that’s why you should support her too. Maybe it’s $5 a month or maybe it’s $5000, I don’t know. But I do know you should consider it.

- Thomas Murtland

Hello! My name is Jon and I have been a youth worker at Langley Youth Unlimited for just over a year now. Which also means that I have had the pleasure of knowing Savannah for over a year as well! There is a lot I love about Savannah; her humour, laugh, how deeply she cares about the teens in our city, and her passion for mentoring. From my time knowing her, it’s obvious her passion for mentoring is where she shines brightest in this job. It’s right in line with her gifting, and one thing that sets her apart is her continuation of relationships and her ability to journey with someone for years at a time. As someone who is still fairly new, I truly admire this about Savannah because it can absolutely be tough to foster a lasting relationship in a job where the connections change so frequently.

Getting to know Savannah, I know she’s a great and needed member of our team. As one of six male staff members we desperately have need of Savannah. She is able to have and engage in conversations with girls that I honestly just can’t. Being a bearded, tattooed, 26 year old, who has only had brothers, I am very ill equipped to have conversations about sex or puberty with teenage girls. This came up in conversation once on our Wednesday night programs, and needless to say- I was a little bit lost for words. Thankfully, with your support, Savannah is able to meet and address many needs and connections in Langley that our natural talents and gift simply can’t. Thank you for journeying with her.

- Jon Pue


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