What I Have Been Up To!

Go-Karting with a couple youth!

Hello everyone! I thought I would use my September newsletter to give you an exciting update! Thanks to your support I am currently at two days a week! I will give you an overview of how I spent my weeks this summer.

I would often be making calls in the day, setting up meetings or just thanking you for your support. I never thought I had it in me to make so many phone calls but I proved myself wrong. It has been challenging to stare at the list of names and know that I need to get through all of them. As I fought the mental battles and thoughts of failure, I continued to press on with diligence. Thanks to your
generosity through prayer, finances or an encouraging word, I have reached my first goal.

As I have gone through the list of people who I know, I have come to a place where I must ask these people for referrals. It is incredible to see who I have been able to meet through this process and I feel blessed to have these new people come along side me.

As well as calls and meetings, I have been working at Krause Berry Farm in the winery two days a week. It has been a great place to make friends and open conversations about the deeper questions in life but I am happy to say that I am able to step away from that job in order dedicate my time to working with youth. As I look at the weeks ahead I am beyond excited to be going back to Langley
Secondary School to spend time with the girls in the smoke pit who I have been getting to know over the past two years. I am also excited to play a part of our creative life, community meal and spiritual life programs which run on Wednesday nights.

If you are really wanting to see firsthand what our team in Langley does, we would love to have you come on a Wednesday night and help serve or supply our meal and be able to interact with the youth who attend.

I wanted to say thank you to all of you for being a part of this adventure God has placed before me!

- Rachel Tapp


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