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Jon's November Update

“Hey, can we talk? I knew you’d be here and my teacher said it was okay if I came to see you.”

I heard this just the other day while at Walnut Grove Secondary School. As I thought back on it, I realized a few things. Firstly, I have been fully accepted into this school by the staff and teachers.
Secondly, it tells me that my time invested and my continual presence is paying off.

With spending full days at the school, I figured I’d have time to book some fundraising appointments, work and plan our Spiritual Life program, or prep tasks for our Lifeteams interns and so on, but this has not been the case! I am seldom in my room for more than ten minutes before I’m met by either a student dropping in to talk, a counsellor wanting to connect me with a student having a hard time, or a principal needing extra support with an extremely difficult student. I’m blown away by the acceptance I have experienced from the students and the staff and I trust that the best is still yet to come


The Reality of Youth Work

As the past two months have gone by, I have found myself in new waters with a very unfamiliar and unsettling reality that I was warned about early on by my coworkers. Discouragement.

I had been trucking along for the last few months with not even a glimpse of such things until I woke up one morning and, suddenly, felt surrounded by it. While I was driving to the office to get some work done, I considered the possibility of this discouragement as a time to grow and I began to feel at peace. My mood lightened and I felt like I was able to continue my work with more enthusiasm than when I had awoken that morning.

Growth comes in the hardest of places and it always involves a struggle. However, the labour is never in vain. Sure enough, as with most things in life, this mental shift allowed me to cycle out of the discouragement. With this peace I had received, I was able to put myself to work and plan more meetings.

I have had the opportunity these past couple of weeks to go much deeper w…

Megan's November Update

In September, Matt and I made the decision to volunteer our Wednesday nights with two of the programs that Langley Youth Unlimited offers out of our hangar space. Both of us have quite an extensive background in volunteering with youth, mostly within a church setting, so this was something new to us. Many of the youth that come through our doors are in need of significant adult support. This year we have youth within the foster care system, youth caught in the middle of their parent’s divorce, youth who have recently lost a parent and youth who are dealing with the daily struggles of fitting in. Some come from broken homes, others currently do not have a home. Some are battling addiction and self-harm, others contemplating whether to leave the house on a daily basis due to bullying. It is heavy.

There are two components to our Wednesday programming. The first is our art program, Creative Life, that runs simultaneously with our youth drop-in. After sharing a meal together, we invite t…

November Update

I can’t believe that it is November already! The last time I wrote a letter, this whole year was hypothetical and now I am sitting here assessing the beginnings and working on ending the calendar year well. Here are a couple of updates from the different programs I’m involved in:

Momentum: The teenagers have met their mentors and have even gone out on their first outings. I am so excited about the Trinity Western University students who are volunteering their time with the Momentum students and the impact they’re going to have!

Street Life: We just launched our new program, Street Life, and are so excited to be jumping in to new relationships and providing a new safe place for youth to hang out on Friday nights. If you want to check it out or tell some youth about it, we are primarily serving Grades 6-8 (with some wiggle room) from 6-8 PM on Fridays @ Yorkson Creek Middle School.

Creative Life: Normally I spend my time at Creative Life hanging out with the youth that aren’t artistica…

Langley Youth Unlimited

Amazing artwork being produced this fall by youth in our Creative Life studio in Langley.

Langley Youth Unlimited

Attention Students: Bus pick up times at your school will be at there regularly scheduled time and location this week