Megan's November Update

Writing letters to God during Spiritual Life

In September, Matt and I made the decision to volunteer our Wednesday nights with two of the programs that Langley Youth Unlimited offers out of our hangar space. Both of us have quite an extensive background in volunteering with youth, mostly within a church setting, so this was something new to us. Many of the youth that come through our doors are in need of significant adult support. This year we have youth within the foster care system, youth caught in the middle of their parent’s divorce, youth who have recently lost a parent and youth who are dealing with the daily struggles of fitting in. Some come from broken homes, others currently do not have a home. Some are battling addiction and self-harm, others contemplating whether to leave the house on a daily basis due to bullying. It is heavy.

There are two components to our Wednesday programming. The first is our art program, Creative Life, that runs simultaneously with our youth drop-in. After sharing a meal together, we invite the youth to join us for our Spiritual Life program, which allows them to wrestle with life’s deeper questions and the possibility of a God within a safe environment. The first week we had two youth stay for our Spiritual Life portion. This past week, we had 11! Please be praying for these youth as they walk through their daily challenges. May our team continue to be a listening ear and provide the caring adult presence that these youth so desperately long for.

My work within the office has been quite steady over the past two months - quite the change from the quiet summer! Out of ten staff, only three of us are actually at full-time hours, five days a week. With five part-time staff and three that are actively fundraising, I have my work cut out for me. Although there are days that feel long, I rarely wake up in the morning wishing I could skip work. On October 22nd I celebrated my two-year anniversary with Youth Unlimited. Not only is this the longest I have ever worked in one place, I also still love where I work and the people I work with!

One of the best parts of this job is that my work is always changing and I am regularly being challenged. Over the past two years as my responsibilities have increased, my role has changed as Administrative Assistant to Executive Assistant. I am currently being given the opportunity to receive a raise in recognition of my increased role. Would you be willing to consider partnering with me and the work that I am a part of at Youth Unlimited? If you are not in a place to give financially, prayers are always appreciated. Some other areas of need are weekly provision of meals for our Wednesday programs, monthly support with mailing newsletters and Class 4 licensed drivers to drive students in our 18-passenger bus. Please contact me if any of these interest you.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

- Megan Adam


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