November Update

The 2016-2017 Momentum Crew

I can’t believe that it is November already! The last time I wrote a letter, this whole year was hypothetical and now I am sitting here assessing the beginnings and working on ending the calendar year well. Here are a couple of updates from the different programs I’m involved in:

Momentum: The teenagers have met their mentors and have even gone out on their first outings. I am so excited about the Trinity Western University students who are volunteering their time with the Momentum students and the impact they’re going to have!

Street Life: We just launched our new program, Street Life, and are so excited to be jumping in to new relationships and providing a new safe place for youth to hang out on Friday nights. If you want to check it out or tell some youth about it, we are primarily serving Grades 6-8 (with some wiggle room) from 6-8 PM on Fridays @ Yorkson Creek Middle School.

Creative Life: Normally I spend my time at Creative Life hanging out with the youth that aren’t artistically inclined (I can relate well). Some times I hang out while they smoke, some times we play foosball, some times we just chat. But pretty much every week I get to hear where their lives are at that week and what are the things that could be going better.

Spiritual Life: I just completed a mini series chatting about cultural influences and voices, and what they say about spirituality, Christianity and Jesus. We ended it by writing a letter to God, telling Him what we think about him, what we are happy about, and what we wish could be different, or don’t understand. All the youth dove in and wrote a letter, some of them to “God (if you exist)”, some to “God”, and some to “Jesus”.

Thank you so much for helping me do what I do! Thank you for your prayers, financial partnership, and general support. If you would like to take some time to pray, please pray for my youth this month. Pray that they would have the supports they need, that they would apply themselves in school, that their friendships and family relationships would be healthy, and that they would feel loved.

- Thomas Murtland


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