Getting to Know Derian!

Name: Derian Julihn
Title: Assistant Director
Start Date w/ YU: January 2007 (i think)
Favourite Part of Working w/ Langley YU: Hanging out with my young friends at the high school smoke pit
What Brought Me to the Team: a particularly good cup of coffee with an old friend (it’s a long story but that’s actually how it started)

Spouse: Allison or just Al
Date I Was Married: August 16, 2003  (I really hope I get this one right)
Where I Grew Up: Ladner
High School: Delta Secondary School
Kids: Sawyer 7, Cohen 5

Spare Time Activities: Reading Sci-fi and Fantasy Novels, Brewing & drinking ridiculously good cups of espresso, and playing Uno and Lego with my boys
Food: anything exotic: sushi, curry, pho
Book of the Bible: definitely the gospels
Movie: Memento
Book: Hyperion by Dan Simmons


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