Opportunities, Challenges and the Mess in Between

With some Momentum students at our Street Life program

 I wanted to share with you some of the opportunities and challenges that we are facing this year.

The first is this crazy ministry we get to be a part of. We are bursting at the seams with opportunities.  We are seriously considering buying a second bus as we regularly have to send extra vehicles to pick kids up for our Wednesday programs, many of whom stay late for our Spiritual Life small group time. This fall, thanks to a super awesome youth pastor volunteer, we put our foot in the door of another school—Langley Fine Arts. Unfortunately, I had to turn down 3 other schools requesting our youth workers because we just don’t have the capacity for it yet. On top of all that we started a mobile drop-in centre called Street Life! There are some really cool things happening right now!

The second is that I have enrolled in Arrow Leadership’s Emerging Leaders Program. Their purpose is to develop leaders who are led more by Jesus, who lead more like Jesus, and who lead more to Jesus. This is an 18-month program that allows me to study while still working and gives me almost half of the credits I would need for a Masters Degree, should I chose to continue with my education. I’m both excited and terrified by this undertaking but I am pretty sure God is in this. The other day I was looking for an email from Arrow. While searching my inbox, I realized that I have been nudged, nominated and asked by at least 8 different people to consider Arrow since 2007. I have also received a significant scholarship towards my tuition, which is amazing!

The third is that, as many of you know, this past September I stepped out in faith and increased my hours to full-time. This was made possible by some significant one-time donations last year but my monthly donations will need to be significantly increased to make it feasible long-term. So, here’s the challenge and the opportunity we are facing… in the next few months I am going to take some extra time to share with people about our ministry. We have always trusted God’s provision for our ministry and you, our partners and friends, have been the answer to those prayers. This year we are praying for God to bring new partners and new friends to join us in this adventure.

Whew… I’m exhausted just writing this letter. We are headed into some interesting and challenging times ahead. As always, we covet your prayers! We cannot do it without you!

Much Love,  

Derian Julihn


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