Rachel's January Update

Sharing a meal at our Wednesday programs

Hello everyone,

 I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season!

For myself, it was a time of refreshment and growth. I found it was essential for myself to consider Christ in this season, and not just reflect on his birth but also his life. Who is Christ, that we would name a holiday after his birth that has lasted for so many years? What makes Him different than other people? A thought to consider as we just spent Christmas with our family and friends.

A further update on my Christmas - it was the best Christmas I have ever had! I saw my friends and family on Christmas day, we played mini hockey and went to the skate park with my mini bmx. Having fun with my friends really helped me to relax from the busyness of 2016. This break came just in time as I am now at three and a half days working.

Due to my increase in hours, I have been able to take on greater responsibilities. I am spending extended hours in Langley Secondary School, which includes collaborating with the counsellors to reach more students. I have also completed my class 4 driver’s licence and am able to drive students to our programs in our bus. I have taken on the new responsibility of planning meals for Wednesday nights, which includes our art program and a time when we talk to the students about the deeper subjects of life.

The meal planning has taken a lot of time brain storming ways to get people excited and willing to cook for 40 people. I am enjoying the challenge this responsibility has given me as it is something new and out of my comfort zone!

I would like to extend you an invitation to get out of your own comfort zone. Would you consider cooking a meal for our students one Wednesday between now and June. For these teenagers, it is truly an amazing experience for them to have a healthy meal in a safe place with people who care about them. If you are interested in being a part of our community meal, please contact me through email at racheltapp@youthunlimited.com.

 I look forward to telling you more about this opportunity for growth through greater responsibility. Take care!

- Rachel Tapp


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