What Is Street Life?

Our trailer before renovations began.

For years, Danny has had the dream to renovate a trailer into a mobile drop-in centre that would have the ability to meet youth where they are. This past fall, this dream became a bit more of a reality as we purchased a trailer and signed an agreement with Yorkson Creek Middle School to use their parking lot as the location for our Street Life program.

The intent of Street Life is to meet the youth where they are. Often times, youth do not have the means to access a program if transportation is required. With a mobile drop-in centre, we have the ability to go into the community where the youth are. Our trailer is currently being equipped with a video game system, sound system, concession stand area and storage so that we can provide a great outdoor experience for youth.

In October we began our soft-launch for Street Life. This took research, price comparing and product purchasing in order to ensure that Street Life could provide basic needs each week: shelter, light and heat. After going through some ups and downs that come with launching a new program, we are motivated and looking forward to what growth and challenge 2017 will bring.

Street Life takes place most Fridays at Yorkson Creek Middle School from 6 - 8pm. The program is geared towards students Grades 6-8. We have been grateful for the weekly volunteers that join us from Trinity Western University, as well as the students from our Momentum program.

- Megan Adam


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