Does God Heal?

The drive home from our annual Western Regional staff retreat

Praying for healing feels like one of the hardest and riskiest prayers to pray. Almost every time I do I feel the need to make space for God not to heal with a “if it’s your will” at the end. I have prayed for healing before many times. There have been a few occasions where I’ve seen healing but most of time that isn’t the case.

Praying for healing can be an even scarier prayer when you are praying for people who are just beginning to consider who Jesus is. Actually, the few times I have seen healing have been for someone who was encountering Jesus at the beginning of their faith journey. This is where I found myself again last week.

During our Spiritual Life time, a student complained that they could not engage in the prayer exercise because of a migraine headache. As our time was wrapping up I asked if I could pray for them. I found myself saying these words; “Jesus I know you are real and that you love this young person. Would you show them this reality by healing their headache? Amen.” They became quiet, started to tear up and then shouted, “It’s gone! I’m freaking out!”

This created quite the stir in our group. The next thing I know, my young friends are all sharing stories of sick loved ones, each story ending with me praying for their loved one. Another student begins to describe a painful swelling around their eye that has been bugging them for the last two weeks. Again, I prayed a similar prayer. Immediately after I say amen this youth starts touching their eyebrow and shouting “It’s gone! I’m freaking out!”

It’s funny as I reflect back now. In the moment, I didn’t over think my prayer. I didn’t leave any “if it’s your will” option in my prayer. For both these youth this was likely one of their first encounters with a Jesus who is alive and not just a nice idea. Please pray that He would continue to reveal himself to them and that those seeds would find good soil to grow in.

For me, the experience was a timely reminder of why Jesus called us to this work. There were years of investment in these lives before we’d earned the trust to pray such an outrageous prayer that only Jesus could answer. Thank you for believing in our call!

- Derian Julihn


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