Introducing: Danny

Name: Danny Ferguson
Title: Area Director
Start Date w/ YU: July 1, 2003
Favourite Part of Working w/ Langley YU: Not doing the work alone. I hav an amazing team that have made each day an adventure.
What Brought Me to the Team: I was looking for a way to be more involved in the lives of community youth. YU gave me the opportunity not only to get involved but to dream about how to incorporate my skills, talents and hobbies into a holistic approach in caring for youth while showing them how to follow Jesus.

Spouse: April
Date I Was Married: April was my date at the wedding (August 24, 2002)
Kids: Joe 10, Avery 8, Micah 6, Caleb 4
Where I Grew Up: Lynden, WA, USA
High School: I didn’t attend a day of high school. Ironic, isn’t it? I was homeschooled and would visit my friends at their lunch break (pretty much the same thing I do as a youth worker).

Spare Time Activities: Art & Comics
Food: Steak
Book of the Bible: Daniel (duh) (No, I actually think my favourite book is Ecclesiastes)
Movie: of 2017 - Hacksaw Ridge
Book: Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne


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