Finding Meaning in the Mundane

Matt and I sold 50/50 tickets at our Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited fundraiser.

  A co-worker was recently sharing a story of a student who lost a parent earlier this year. The student has been very closed off, but after a year of openness and patience on the part of my co-worker, the student began to share how hard it has been over these past few months.

  At times I can feel as though I am ‘just an admin’ and do not contribute to our outreach in the same way as everyone else. While everyone else is in the field, coming back with success stories of kids making positive steps forward, I am in the office doing email correspondence, running errands, writing up expenses, etc.

  I may not have success stories with youth in the same way my coworkers do, but I am beginning to believe that if God had not given me the position of ‘just an admin’, my coworkers would be stuck in the office, doing what I am doing, rather than meeting with youth and sharing Jesus with them.

  I think any job can begin to feel mundane after awhile. For me, losing sight of the purpose of my role causes me to question my worth.

  Interestingly, right around this time, each team member completed a survey to determine what parts of our work were going well and which areas we could improve on. The top ranked item on the list of things going well was ‘Admin’ with the explanation of ‘Megan is awesome’. Even though my tasks have felt repetitive or meaningless, in the grand scheme of things my co-workers have felt relief because of what I am doing.

  There are many unseen things that need to happen in our lives for them to be successful.  I don’t know what fully took place in my home growing up to make sure that there was food at the table, clothes to wear, and a place to live – but my life would have been completely different if any of those things were missing.  In these moments of the mundane I was reminded of my value and I hope for each of you that you will take a moment to realize that the mundane things you do could be enabling a life to be changed.

  Currently, Langley is offering a grant that will match any funds donated between now and the end of June. If you have been considering giving a one-time gift or a monthly gift to Youth Unlimited (and to the occasionally mundane, yet important work that I do within the Langley team) now may be the time.

  Thank you for your continued support and prayer. It takes a team and I am glad to know that I have so many loving people in my corner.

- Megan Adam


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