Goodbyes Are Hard

Momentum students at our Circus Lab

 Goodbyes really suck. I have said a lot of goodbyes in my life, but making the decision to say goodbye to Youth Unlimited has been one of the most difficult decisions to make. I care so deeply, and I know that you too care deeply, about the youth of Langley. That’s why you’ve partnered with me so faithfully.

 My time at YU has been full of wonderfully happy and hopeful moments juxtaposed by sad and difficult moments. For every discussion about suicide or homelessness there were ten discussions of good days or first steps, or celebratory ice creams. Thank you for helping me make all of those moments happen.

 The Langley team of youth workers has been an amazing support for me these last nearly two years. While a part of me wishes I could do youth work forever, through much thought and prayer I have come to realize that my time here is done and it is time for the next chapter in my life story. I have already begun my transition from YU to my next job but am making sure the youth you have helped support are getting the care and attention they need.

 Although my time caring for these youth as a youth worker is coming to an end, the team of youth workers in Langley will continue to have those discussions and share in the celebratory ice creams.  Their care and support of me, as well as these youth, make it something that is worth investing in. For those of you that have partnered with me and believed in me, here is an opportunity to invest in my legacy by funding those that will continue to care for the youth I poured my heart into.

 We will be giving you a call to ask what you would like to do with your monthly donations and I would encourage you to think about continuing to support these Momentum students through the other amazing staff in Langley.

- Thomas Murtland


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