One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

Decorating pottery with students over Spring Break

 Over the past three years with Youth Unlimited I have learned about the process of relationship building. Our goal as youth workers is to be a safe adult in their life that won’t leave when things get tough. Trust takes times to build. If you were to eavesdrop on some of the conversations I have with youth, they would sound very surface level. This is an intentional part of relationship building and our hope is to foster relationships that will grow to something deeper.

 When I first started meeting with Aaron, our conversations would never go beyond his favourite band or the homework he had due next week. He would display a tough exterior in order to protect himself but over the years I have been able to peel away the layers and dive deeper into his life. He
began to share with me his experience with church and I was able to ask questions about religion and faith. From there we entered into conversations that had deeper significance.

 This teen has shared with me the desire to follow Jesus and integrate prayer into his everyday routine. As youth workers, some days can be very encouraging and we get to be a part of the positive choices these youth make, giving us the feeling of moving one step forward. When they make poor choices we feel like we are taking steps backwards.

 I ask that you would continue to pray for us youth workers as we walk alongside these teens through this mess we call life. Three years ago I would not have imagined that Aaron and I would be talking about these types of things.  I am glad I did not give up on him and it makes me thankful for those of you that have never given up on me.

 As you are reading this I will have completed my five-year program at Columbia Bible College and received my Bachelor of Arts in ‘Youth Work’. I am excited to finally focus all of my time and effort into Youth Unlimited so I can invest more into relationships like the one with Aaron. Being full time staff can only be possible if I am fully funded. Currently, I am able to interact with youth two days a week and am looking to raise an additional $475 in monthly pledges in order to add a third day. A huge incentive to start partnering alongside me financially is that Langley Youth Unlimited is matching every donation up to $10,000 until June 30th...this allows you to double your donation! Please consider supporting me, both financially and prayerfully.

- Savannah Deepwell


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