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Where is God in Our Pain?

  Our Spiritual Life group continues to be a highlight in our weekly programs. Recently one our Interns shared their story with our students. They spoke of how they’d struggled with depression for many years and how their faith had actually deepened through this battle. An interesting thing to note is that their depression hasn’t actually gotten better. They shared how God has not healed their depression but that they had found Jesus “at the bottom of a lake.” This was life changing for them to know that they were not alone in their struggle and that Jesus wasn’t just in the sunshine and hilltops of life. It was quite amazing to see this intern courageously share their story. It was even more amazing to see our students hugging him and thanking him afterwards.   That night it was my turn to lead the students in a prayer exercise. I reiterated to the group that when we seek Jesus in prayer, sometimes his answer is to take away our pain, like with the 2 youth who had been healed re

Life Update - Rachel

Clothes shopping at Value Village Jesus   It has been one year since I started working for Youth Unlimited Langley. Working with teenagers means experiencing the world through their eyes.  Many days are filled with a multitude of ups and downs and it can be difficult for them to cope. As they come to me for help and care it creates in me the necessity to have a life that maintains my own balance. To function best in my job, my life must be peaceful. The risk is that I try to take on the pain of my young friends, but I realize that my effort alone will not help them heal. I want to see them transformed through the peace and strength of Jesus, the way I have been.  Christ has been a pillar for me to lean on in times of distress and my peace comes from him alone. No matter the outer situation I am facing I am able to remain stable because his steadfastness and strength are always enduring. Many of these youth feel alone and the idea of God is very far away and foreign to them.  In t

Amy's May Update

With a youth and my co-workers at Street Life! I first wanted to start off by sharing some exciting news.  Over the past few years I have worked in a contract role for Youth Unlimited, providing program support.  As of May 1st I have been hired as a permanent youth worker in Langley.  My goal is to raise support to increase my time and to be full time by September. This is exciting and I am so thankful to be part of such an awesome team. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a few people ask me “so, what do you actually do?”  There are so many answers that I could give to this question, but how does one fully explain the role of a youth worker? If our goal as a team is to make sure the youth of Langley have the means to live a healthy life, physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, and emotionally, what does that mean? How can we best serve the youth of Langley in these 5 ways? What is it that I do to help foster these areas of life? What is the best way to encourage holistic

Save the Date!

Our annual Art Show fundraiser is coming up on June 17th from 12pm - 3pm. Art displays, art silent auction (bid on your favourite piece), live music, food (cash only), raffles and other activities will take place during the show. The Silent Auction will end at 2pm. Mark your calendars! The show will be located at Hangar 17 at the Langley Airport (5225 216th Street, Langley). Cash, cheque, Visa and MasterCard are accepted forms of payment. All proceeds go towards youth artists and our Creative life program.

What Is Spiritual Life?

Spiritual Life is an intentional time set apart on Wednesdays for us to engage in meaningful and deeper conversations with the youth who attend our programs. We set up our time to introduce topics about faith, Jesus, and life.   There are three evenings that stick out so far:   1)  Our Lifeteams student, Philippa, opened up about rejection in her life - she prepared an exercise for our teens to write down rejections that they’ve experienced. We then gave permission to burn them in a fire pit as an act of letting it go to God. One teen after doing this exercise said “Woah, I actually feel like my shoulders are lighter. Like something got lifted off of them”   2) Danny led an imaginative prayer night where he led us through an exercise using our imaginations as a way to pray.      “In this imaginative space I asked the youth to picture themselves and Jesus doing a gift exchange.  The youth would imagine something that represented their lives and Jesus would give them something

Summer Is Coming!

If you’ve been around for the last two years or so, you may be familiar with our partnership at Walnut Grove Secondary School during summer time called GatorShades. GatorShades is a transitional program for students in grade 7 that are going into grade 8. It runs for 3 weeks in July, all day, Mon-Fri. It is aimed at the students who are most likely to get lost in the transition of coming into a big high school. The students are set up to learn some practical pieces, like learning your way around the school, how to use your locker, and how to read your timetable. These are intermixed with fun activities (which we are largely in charge of) intended to build relationships between the students and us, and challenge them with new experiences. In the past we have taken them to try a ropes course, salmon farming, riding our segways, or a local petting farm. My first GatorShades experience was last year, and now that I’m on the other side of that year I can’t begin to explain how valuab