Amy's May Update

With a youth and my co-workers at Street Life!

I first wanted to start off by sharing some exciting news.  Over the past few years I have worked in a contract role for Youth Unlimited, providing program support.  As of May 1st I have been hired as a permanent youth worker in Langley.  My goal is to raise support to increase my time and to be full time by September. This is exciting and I am so thankful to be part of such an awesome team.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a few people ask me “so, what do you actually do?”  There are so many answers that I could give to this question, but how does one fully explain the role of a youth worker?

If our goal as a team is to make sure the youth of Langley have the means to live a healthy life, physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, and emotionally, what does that mean? How can we best serve the youth of Langley in these 5 ways? What is it that I do to help foster these areas of life? What is the best way to encourage holistic health for each individual?

Fostering each of these areas looks differently depending on the person. It could include encouraging a student to go for a walk, throwing a ball outside so they aren’t sitting at home alone, driving students to churches that they have asked to check out or providing a support system and community that they do not currently have anywhere else.

Lately, I have been able to provide a lot of emotional support for students. This past week has consisted of sitting through long school plays multiple times and driving different youth to counselling appointments. It has included a lot of meetings with school counsellors and making sure these young people are getting the support they need through school. Aside from meetings and appointments I have been sitting and talking with students about current stressful situations they are going through.

Being present for these situations has opened up a lot of doors for great conversations! I would love to share with you about some of these awesome conversations I have been having with my young friends lately! I would love to take you for coffee sometime this summer to tell you about the growth over the last year.

Thank you, again, for your ongoing support and prayers! I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve youth in the community!

If you pray, please consider praying for the following:
- Continued growth in community partnerships and relationships with the schools
- Financial Support
- For multiple youth dealing with depression, self worth, and loneliness

- Amy Seiler


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