What Is Spiritual Life?

Spiritual Life is an intentional time set apart on Wednesdays for us to engage in meaningful and deeper conversations with the youth who attend our programs. We set up our time to introduce topics about faith, Jesus, and life.

  There are three evenings that stick out so far:

  1)  Our Lifeteams student, Philippa, opened up about rejection in her life - she prepared an exercise for our teens to write down rejections that they’ve experienced. We then gave permission to burn them in a fire pit as an act of letting it go to God. One teen after doing this exercise said “Woah, I actually feel like my shoulders are lighter. Like something got lifted off of them”

  2) Danny led an imaginative prayer night where he led us through an exercise using our imaginations as a way to pray.
     “In this imaginative space I asked the youth to picture themselves and Jesus doing a gift exchange.  The youth would imagine something that represented their lives and Jesus would give them
something in return.  One youth was surprised that Jesus gave her a flame that floated above her hand and then absorbed into her body. As it was absorbed she felt her body literally being warmed up.  After she shared this, I told her about the story of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit descending on the apostles with tongues of fire above their heads as a symbol of the presence of God entering into their lives.” -Danny

  3) After an evening where I shared about pain and hardships (and asking those hard questions of ‘why’), I was able to lead a prayer activity on silence, based around the idea that even in our silence, God speaks.
     “One teen shared that she couldn’t concentrate because she had a migraine. I asked if I could pray for her. My prayer was simple: “Jesus I know you are real and that you love this young lady. Would you show her this reality by healing her? Amen.” She started to tear up and then said “It’s gone! I’m freaking out!” She ran outside and after a brief chat with me, came back inside. After that, more kids started sharing stories of sick loved ones and I started praying for them. Another youth shared that he’s had swelling behind his eye that has been hurting for a while now. I prayed a similar prayer for him and instantly he started tapping his eyebrow and shouting “Its gone! It doesn’t even hurt when I touch it!” - Derian

All we do is set the table for God to show up and begin conversations that carry out week to week. Join us and pray that God would continue showing up and make Himself real in our young friends lives.

- Jon Pue


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