A Long, Hot Summer

Enjoying our Naramata vacation

In June we hosted our annual Art Show which a lot of my time, effort and planning went in to. This year we had an overwhelming number of entries from students and it was encouraging to see the smiles on their faces as they watched others bid on their pieces at the event.

Matt and I took off shortly after the Art Show for some much needed vacation time. We spent 10 wonderful days (2 weeks for Matt) in Naramata, BC with his parents where we did nothing. It. Was. Wonderful. As a detail-oriented-plan-everything-ahead-of-time person, having no concrete plans was a welcome relief. We came home feeling rested and, somewhat, ready to go back to work.

The rest of summer was fairly low-key. Summer is always a strange time with Youth Unlimited. Our programs end, school is finished and most of the youth and staff scatter for vacations and family time. I found myself quite lonely at work as a lot of coworkers were on holidays, leaving me by myself quite often in the office. I ended up bringing Maverick, our dog, most days. Because at least then when I talked to myself, another presence was somewhat listening.

We had several weekend trips throughout the summer, including trips to Matt’s aunt and uncle’s cabin, a friend’s cabin in the States, and ‘Matt’s vacation’; a trip to Evergreen Speedway to watch cars drift around a track (it is much more exciting than I make it sound). We also took on the task of painting our kitchen cabinets white, from dark brown. This summer has been full and I am ready for routine to begin again.

School has begun, meaning our programs are kicking off for the fall. Matt and I will both be involved in the Creative Life/Spiritual Life programs at my work on Wednesday evenings. Matt is involved with running sound at church and I will be involved with leading a music team every other month. Matt is still working at Trinity Western University, where he loves connecting the maintenance department to the student body. Him and his co-worker, Brad, are quite the hit among the students and have even started a Maintenance Instagram account (@twumaintenance).

If you pray, I ask that you keep us in your prayers. Fall can always be chaotic as we get back into routine, so we ask you pray for protection over our marriage, for safety and health for the Langley Youth Unlimited team and that we would seek God first in all things.

Thank you for walking alongside Matt and I.

- Megan Adam


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