A Month of First's

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This last month has been a season of firsts for me in the world of youth work.

Several weeks ago I had the privilege, so to speak, of entering into a student’s home to mediate a conversation between them and their parents. This was my first experience as mediator. There are times when teenagers are not sure how to communicate the deep emotions they are encountering and it can come out in the form of misbehaviour or not caring, which can often create frustration in the home. I was able to spend an hour with the family as they unraveled their emotions and thoughts and the parents listened. I was used as a bridge between them and their family, reiterating what they were saying in different words so both parties could clearly understand each other. The family was thankful for the open conversation and the student was able to move a little bit closer to a healthier state.

Another first for me was to have the privilege of attending and speaking at a Community Partner meet and greet at the Langley School district. There I presented to the counsellors in school district 35 about what we do at Youth Unlimited and how we can assist the teenagers. The community organizations working with Langley’s people who are in need were also present. During these presentations I was able to learn how we can all support each other and refer our teenagers and their families for help that extends our personal reach. It was a great experience to stand in front of a crowd of people who so desperately care about those in our community and know we are all on the same side. Public speaking makes me feel alive and I hope that in the future this job will provide more opportunities for me to do so.

I look forward to experiencing more first’s while meeting people in the messiness of life.

- Rachel Tapp


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