What Is Student Life?

Some of our youth outside Hangar 17

It is our dream that the youth of Langley would have the means to live healthy lives: physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. We desire to provide youth with the opportunity to live a holistic lifestyle and give them the tools to develop themselves as a person. We are always looking for ways we can take our relationships with youth to the next level. While sitting on a couch playing Mario Kart is beneficial to the overall growth of a friendship, it is easy as youth workers to get stuck. This is why when our team came across the program Ambassadors of Compassion, we knew we wanted to incorporate it into our work.

Ambassadors of Compassion (AOC) is a leadership project that helps youth discover new and exciting aspects of their life that will equip them with the skills to navigate and succeed through life’s critical challenges. It is a weekly program that is designed to help youth become self-sufficient and compassionate individuals who take responsibility for their own lives in order to reach their full potential. AOC helps students define who they are, where they belong and where they want to go in life, all while providing them with a sense of hope.

AOC prompted us to begin a new project for this year called Student Life. It combines the AOC programming with staff-youth mentoring relationships. We have five awesome youth who have applied and been accepted into the program and we are so excited to see how this program will enhance the already promising relationships we have with these youth. It is common for youth to be told to give up or that they will never amount to anything. We want to encourage the youth that they have the potential to do great things, they just need someone to walk with them through the tough days.

If AOC is something you wish to invest in, we ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with us financially to continue to keep this program running.

- Savannah Deepwell


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