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Happy New Year!

It is great to be writing you again after what feels like I while and trust you all enjoyed the holiday season. Kirstie and I had a great season having the chance to celebrate our first Christmas with Roland. It was a wonderful time packed with family and friends, meals, and chasing around a little boy who is constantly crawling and curious about every drawer and ledge.

Starting back into work each year has looked a bit different for me so far during my time at Youth Unlimited. With the main focus always being of intersecting with teenagers in their daily lives, this year I find myself in a more enabling role as I am supervising two staff members, one of whom I am taking on as an apprentice. Philippa, my apprentice, did her practicum with Langley Youth Unlimited last year when she was a part of Youth Unlimited’s Lifeteams program (which is a youth work). I will be bringing her alongside of me with many of my responsibilities, including fully integrating her into high school work, usi…

The Beginning

I am excited to announce that I officially began working with the Langley Youth Unlimited team on January 16th. The adventure has begun! God has been so faithful to me through the highs and lows of this past season and His provision has been so clear; thank you for your crucial role in
making this work possible for me.

I will be spending the majority of my time building relationships through serving both staff and students at Walnut Grove Secondary School (which is the same school I spent time at during my practicum with Lifeteams last year). It is such a cool opportunity to be able to connect with students on their turf and really meet them where they’re at; whether that’s sitting down next to a student sitting alone at lunch, celebrating a test gone well, or being that encouraging push to join a team that’s slightly out of their comfort zone. The rest of my work time in the week will be split between one on one meetings with students, Wednesday night programs at Hangar 17, and cont…

Small Steps

As I sat across the table from her, I noticed her dark eyeliner, her cap over her face and her hood up. I wondered what caused such a rough exterior.  Stand off-ish at best, I am now surprised at the journey that this youth and I have been on over this past year and half. Our casual conversations have turned from ‘what are you watching on TV’ into ‘how are things at home’. I was able to see how her complex and turbulent home life has caused her to put up a wall of fear around trust. But underneath this exterior wall was a caring, strong and responsible young woman. I was thankful for the relationship I had developed with her that allowed me to be there at a crucial turning point in her life when I received a text that read, “I’m pregnant”.

As much as I was worried that now her time as a youth had been cut short, I was excited that I had the opportunity to walk with her through this. I never thought this would open the door for me to be able to support her entire family so, when her m…

God's Vision For My Life

Last summer I wrote about the personal renovation project God had started in my life through the Arrow Leadership Program. As we start this new year, I wanted to tell you about another assignment that is making waves in my life. We were tasked with seeking out and writing down what is God’s vision for our life. This was unique in that most vision exercises I’ve encountered unintentionally end up focusing more on what we want ministry to look like rather than really seeking what God wants it to look like.

A year ago I would’ve have been able to express much of the sentiment found in my vision statement but it would have been much more general. I would have used phrases like “I feel called to youth and those outside the church. I feel called to social justice. I feel called to help the church be the church in their community.”

Today as I look at these 120 words, I feel inspired—my heart races and tears flow. I see something very unique and specific that will filter future ministry deci…

January Prayer Requests

- Please pray for our Spiritual Life program. Now that we are beginning to dive deeper because the
foundation in the fall was built, pray that the students would have open hearts and would experience Jesus in a new way

- Praise God that Philippa has met her funding requirements and has begun working as an
apprentice with Langley

- Please pray for our upcoming Youth For Christ Regional Retreat - for safety as we travel to Kelowna and for a time of connection with God and each other

Keep Showing Up

Many times we are asked what it looks like to be a youth worker.  It can be a difficult question to answer because each day can look so different.  The basic thing to know about a youth worker is we strive to be a consistent presence in their lives when so much of their life is in chaos.  It is because of you, the people that support us, that we can be there for them.

Consider this story:
I sat next to a young man and after learning his name and age, I was expecting to hear about his favorite sport or video game. Instead he told me about his family. I can’t share everything that he said; partly because of confidentiality laws and partly because I don’t have the ability to communicate the story his eyes told me as he spoke so innocently of terrible atrocities that he had lived through. Things done by a father that should never happen to a child. The thing that really moved me was when I asked him what he would do with a million dollars. He mulled it over for a few seconds before telli…