Happy New Year!

The Walnut Grove School Christmas celebration
It is great to be writing you again after what feels like I while and trust you all enjoyed the holiday season. Kirstie and I had a great season having the chance to celebrate our first Christmas with Roland. It was a wonderful time packed with family and friends, meals, and chasing around a little boy who is constantly crawling and curious about every drawer and ledge.

Starting back into work each year has looked a bit different for me so far during my time at Youth Unlimited. With the main focus always being of intersecting with teenagers in their daily lives, this year I find myself in a more enabling role as I am supervising two staff members, one of whom I am taking on as an apprentice. Philippa, my apprentice, did her practicum with Langley Youth Unlimited last year when she was a part of Youth Unlimited’s Lifeteams program (which is a youth work). I will be bringing her alongside of me with many of my responsibilities, including fully integrating her into high school work, using her natural gifting to help lead our Spiritual Life group on Wednesday evenings, setting her up to find her own groove, all the while beginning training and learning through the beginning of our credentialing process.

So with this new supervision, added leadership, and managing our church community volunteers- I find myself enabling others to add to (and surpass) the work that I am already doing. I read in a leadership book back at Bible school about how enabling others to find their gifting and setting them up for success is a mark of good leader- I pray going forward into this year that I will be able to do that. Seeing the vast number of students on a week to week basis, I know that having a team to help with that reach will only continue to build into the community we love as we come alongside vulnerable teens to provide emotional, relational, spiritual, and practical support for them.

Financially, things are looking good as I am starting 2018. As of right now I have enough funding to see me through another year and managed to raise enough support to help cover the costs of my expenses for this year. I have been blown away by the amount of encouragement and support that has been shown to me by all of you. I take it as God’s constant affirmation that I am in the right place doing what I have been called to do - thank you. As you’ve heard me write you before, you have direct impact on the lives of teenagers by doing so.

Lastly, one of the biggest things I learned this past fall is that by consistently showing up into teens lives you are usually there for when things get bad. There isn’t a lot of buffer before connecting them to other resources. Those moments can be tough, walking alongside real hurts and brokenness. So as I hold fast into the storm, I ask for your prayers this year. Join me in praying for protection for my family and these teens I call my own, our whole team here at Langley Youth Unlimited, and that God’s work can continue to grow as we invest.

Thanks again,
Jon Pue


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